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Drain Cleaning For Roanoke And Surrounding Areas

Our Drain Cleaning Services Include:

Clogged sinks, tubs and toilets

Blocked garbage disposals and grease traps

Stopped-up main sewer lines

Main sewer lines

Video camera inspections

Fix it now or deal with it later

Clogged drains never, ever repair themselves. Don’t be naive. The water may slowly dissipate but that drain is toying with you, waiting patiently for the next inconvenient moment to disrupt your home. So get a drain cleaning services near your area.

Common DIY Mistakes

Using commercial drain cleaning products like Drano. Made of harsh chemicals, commercial drain cleaners are toxic and potential dangers to people, pets, and the plumbing itself. If you do use it, NEVER pour Drano into a fixture with a pool of standing water.

A plunger works well for the occasional soft clog but if you use if you are using a plunger frequently you can ruin the seal that’s under the toilet flange. Once that wax seal is compromised it can lead leaks that can rot the floor around the toilet.

Using the wrong tools for the job are, at best, ineffective. At their worst the wrong tools can damage the pipes and lines you are hoping to fix, resulting in expensive plumbing system repairs and possible water damage to your home.

Diagnose the Problem, Fix the Problem

When we come to fix your clogged drain we’ll bring our very cool, water and gunk proof video camera to send down through your pipes to locate and identify the blockage. Sometimes it’s as simple as a small toy, a huge clump of hair, wads of toilet paper, or hygiene products that have to be removed. Other times the blockage is deeper and is caused by the build-up of soap scum, mineral deposits, food waste, cooking grease, narrowing the internal diameter of the pipes deep in your piping system until the channel is choked off. And of course, it may be sludge and roots that have infiltrated your main sewer line. Without the camera, how would you know where the real problem is?

Once we have identified the location and type of blockage we get to work.

Plumbing expertise and the powerful, professional tools are the keys to effectively solving drain problems. We make it look easy but believe us when we say it’s a job that you should leave to us. You will be 100% happy you did. We guarantee it.

Potential Causes of a Clogged Drains

Outsmart That Clogged Drain.

We’ll dispatch a drain specialist ASAP. And as long as we have easy access to your pipes we’ll fix that clogs. (If your pipes are hard to access there may be additional fees.)

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