AC Repair for Roanoke, VA and Surrounding Areas

AC Repair for Roanoke, VA and Surrounding Areas


Let's Get That Cool Air Cooling Again

It’s hot and you want your air conditioner running again. We’ll get a trained a/c technician to you ASAP. Are you experiencing any of these things?

  • the air conditioner is on but there is no cool air
  • odd noises are coming from your ducts or air conditioning unit
  • air is blowing, it gets really cold, and then it gets really warm
  • although I turned everything on, nothing is happening


Air conditioning systems are complex. Everything must be working together and when one thing is out of sync, things just don’t work right. The best thing to do is call Wisler Plumbing and Air at (540) 405-8028 or request an appointment below to have your system looked at.


What it Costs

What you pay for us to examine your entire system, diagnose your problem and provide you with options to get it back online the way it ought to be. (Pssssst… Diamond Club Family Members, pay a reduced fee.)

We'll Diagnose and Give You Options

When we come to your house we’ll diagnose the issue first and then present you with all options. It may be a simple fix or it may turn out your air conditioner needs to be replaced. Either way, we’ll provide you with options to fit what you’re comfortable with before any work is done.

Straightforward Pricing

Before anything is done, you’ll know what it’s going to cost. You will receive one price regardless of how long the job takes. The price is not dependent on how fast (or slow) the technician works. It’s dependent on what’s needed to get things running again. If it takes all night, you don’t pay a penny more. One price, known upfront. And, with our 100% satisfaction expectation, you are not expected to pay until you are completely satisfied.

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