Water Quality Test Results around Roanoke, VA and Surrounding Areas

We like more information because it gives you the most appropriate solution for your needs. Before Wisler Plumbing and Air installs any system, we test the water flowing through your pipes.

To provide you as much information to you to make the best decision for yourself, we will continuously combine our most recent water quality test data and make it available to you.

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Water Test Results Covering the Previous 6-months

These are the average results of water tests we've conducted in homes across our service area. This is here to guide you in deciding what's your best course of action. Of course, you can always ask us to come by and conduct a FREE water test.

Measured in grains per gallon (GPG), the lower the number, the softer the water.

  • 0-3 gpg = Soft Water
  • 3-6 gpg = Moderately Hard Water
  • 6-9 gpg = Hard Water
  • 9+ gpg = Extremely Hard Water
Hard water causes scum buildup and leaves the foggy film on your glassware. It'll also cause your appliances to lose their longevity and your skin to dry out faster than it should.

Measured in parts per million (PPM), you want as little iron as possible.

You want this number to be as close to 7.0 - or neutral - as possible.The lower the reported number, the more acidic the water is. The higher the number, the more alkaline your water is.With more acidic water, you:

  • May have pipes corroding a leaching unhealthy metals into your water
  • Start experiencing  a metallic or sour taste from the water
  • Start seeing unexplainable stains on your laundry
  • Your sinks and other fixtures will have a blue-green stain on them
With more alkaline water, you:
  • Have scale buildup on your plumbing
  • Pay more to heat your water due to inefficiency (due to scale buildup)
  • Experience a bitter taste in your coffee

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Likely Water Treatment Solutions for You:

These change your water by removing the invisible or adding elements to the water.  Water treatment can remove calcium (hard water), iron which causes staining or raises the pH in acidic water by adding calcium to the water. A UV light is used to remove bacteria or any type of ozone or chlorine.

Softeners are a type of water treatment that corrects hard water by removing the calcium and adding a very minute amount of sodium. Then the unit performs a self-cleaning backwash cycle that gets rid of the calcium.

Filtration uses a filter or cartridge to remove visible particles like sand, grit; and particles like chlorine and iron that are just small enough to be invisible to the naked eye.

Filtration uses a filter or cartridge to remove visible particles like sand, grit; and particles like chlorine and iron that are just small enough to be invisible to the naked eye.

This is an Investment. Make Sure it's the Right One.

We’re so confident you’ll like your new water treatment or water softener system, we’re giving you 156-days to test drive it. 

We’re giving you way more time than you’ll need to fall in love with healthier, happier water. It’s an investment and we want you to be absolutely sure you have the right water treatment system in your home.

If you decide, within 156-days of installation, that you’re dissatisfied with your water treatment system, we’ll remove the system, put the pipes back the way they were – for free – and return your money. No. Questions. Asked.

That’s our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What To Do Next:

Make this decision at your own pace. If you have a spouse, discuss it with them. Schedule a free-no-obligation water test so you know if you even need a system (you may not and we’re not going to sell you one if you don’t).

  • Schedule your water test
  • Learn about city and well water
  • Discover what the Water Quality Association says about better water
  • Read about how to choose a water softener
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