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Electrician Services in Roanoke, Virginia

Wisler employs a team of highly experienced, fully licensed electrical contractors ready to solve any electrical problem in your home or business. Whether you need a quick repair or need to replace your entire electrical system, Wisler can help. Check out our comprehensive service area to find the best local electrical services Roanoke, Salem, or throughout Virginia has to offer. No electrical job is too big or too small for the electrical experts at Wisler. Our team is ready to solve your electrical problems now. And don’t worry, our electricians smell good too.

Why Wisler?

There are three big reasons why you should call Wisler as soon as you have any electrical problems. There’s no other electrical service in Roanoke as:


Wisler has the staff, resources, and planning to come to you as soon as you need us. We have extended regular hours of operation and if you need help now you can call us for emergency electrical service.


In order to work for Wisler, electricians have to pass a battery of background and expertise checks and demonstrate years of practical experience. Rest assured, the electrician Wisler sends to help you will be the best – guaranteed!


All of the work Wisler’s experts perform is backed by our 100% guarantee – including our electrical work. If we ever did less than a great job, just let us know and we’ll return to make it right – free of charge, guaranteed.

How do Wisler’s Electrical Services Work?

Call Wisler immediately if you encounter an electrical problem, whether it’s a simple problem like flickering lights or a serious problem like constant power surges. Our customer service team will dispatch our most qualified electrician to your home or business immediately.

Our expert will arrive on time, complete the job quickly, safely and efficiently and ensure you are satisfied before we leave. You have an electrical problem, call and we will fix it. When you choose Wisler for electrical services, you will receive only expert repair, replacement and installation help you can rely on. Guaranteed.

What Electrical Services Does Wisler Offer?

Wisler has the experts, resources and experience to handle virtually any electrical repair, replacement and installation you need. If you require any of the following electrical services, contact us today:

Interior & Exterior Lighting Repair

Flickering lights usually occur when a light bulb is burnt out or not screwed in properly. However, if the flickering persists after replacing the bulb, there may be a malfunction in the light itself. Wisler can repair broken lights and switches or help you find replacement lights.

Home Rewiring and Wiring Installation

Wisler regularly performs home wiring inspections. We can tell you how efficiently your home's wiring is working, how old it is, and when to consider replacing it. We can also troubleshoot wiring problems, repair or replace junction boxes, or even replace entire systems if necessary. Whatever your electrical wiring problems are, we will find the best way to solve and implement them.


At Wisler, minor installations and repairs are only one part of our business. We also specialize in electrical work for residential remodeling projects and additions. If you are currently undergoing remodeling or adding living space to an existing home, we can help. Our Roanoke remodel electricians are able to work quickly and efficiently, using our extensive experience and skill.

Electrical Panel Service

Electrical panels are the modern equivalent of fuse boxes. All electrical energy that enters your home passes through your electrical panel and is distributed there into branch circuits. Electrical panel malfunctions lead to electrical fires, power surges, electric shocks, and other dangerous problems. If something is wrong with your electrical panel, Wisler can inspect and repair it immediately.


Especially during storms, power outages can occur at any time and without warning. A power outage can not only be inconvenient and annoying, but it can also cause a disruption in your productivity that you may not be able to afford. If you know you can't go without power for hours or days, consider getting a backup generator for your home. At Wisler, our Roanoke generator installation experts can help you prepare with a generator in the event of a storm or unexpected power outages. If you need generator service in Los Angeles, contact our professional team to get the help you need.

Electric Vehicle Charger Services

If you want the convenience and security that every electric vehicle charger should provide, contact our professional team at Wisler. We offer the best electrical services in the greater VA. Includes a wide selection of advanced electric vehicle charging systems and expert installation, including general maintenance and repair of your electric vehicle charger. Our services are fast and affordable and we only install electric vehicle chargers from the best manufacturers in the industry.

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Who are Wisler’s Electrical Contractors?

Wisler only works with contractors who are licensed, experienced experts who have passed our strict background checks. Our vetting process guarantees that all the work we do for you will pass even the strictest of electrical inspections, guaranteed. Don’t settle for unlicensed or amateur electrician; it will only cost you more in the long run. For an electrician Roanoke can always count on, always call Wisler.