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Heater Repair for Roanoke, VA and Surrounding Areasa

Heater Repair for Roanoke, VA and Surrounding Areasa


Take That Heater and Get It Fixed. Call Us 540-483-9382

  • We’ll dispatch a heating and air technician ASAP. Make no mistake, small furnace problems, if ignored, turn into bigger and costlier furnace issues.
  • Hear the heater turn on but nothing happens?
  • Feel cold air blowing?
  • Is your house just not warming up?
  • Is your house getting too hot?

Any of these can be a tiny problem like your thermostats not working or a big issue like a stuck gas valve (not good!). Call Wisler Plumbing and Air at 540-483-9382 or request an appointment below to have your system looked at.

If your heater has been off for more than a few months and upon turning your heater on a slight smell of burning toast comes over you, it’s likely you’re smelling burning dust. It should go away after a few cycles of the heater turning on and off.

If you smell other odors such as burning plastic or rubber, immediately turn your furnace off and call Wisler Plumbing and Air.

When to Call 911

You should never smell natural gas in your home. If you smell natural gas, leave your home immediately and then call 911 or your gas provider. Then, stay away from the house.

If your carbon monoxide detector is screaming at you and you or anyone else has a headache or other CO poison symptomsleave your home immediately and call 911.

What it Costs

What you pay for us to examine your entire system, diagnose your problem and provide you with options to get it back online the way it ought to be. (Pssssst… Diamond Club Family Members, pay a reduced fee.)

We'll Diagnose and Give You Options

When we come to your house we’ll diagnose the issue first and then present you with all options. It may be a simple fix or it may turn out your furnace has gone to the big junkyard in the sky. Either way, we’ll provide you options to fit what you’re comfortable with before any work is done.

Straightforward Pricing

Before anything is done, you’ll know what it’s going to cost. You will receive one price regardless of how long the job takes. The price is not dependent on how fast (or slow) the technician works. It’s dependent on what’s needed to get things running again. If it takes all night, you don’t pay a penny more. One price, known upfront. And, with our 100% satisfaction expectation, you are not expected to pay until you are completely satisfied.

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